Iceland’s I.C.E Programme ensures that Iceland can, at any time, activate the following primary and ancillary services and resources as a disaster management solution:

  • Access to a reserved inventory of safe, consumable packaged ice;
  • 24 hour uninterrupted operation of several manufacturing, storage and distribution facilities with stand-by power and excess water storage facilities for uninterrupted independent operation;
  • Mobilization of a fleet of refrigerated and insulated vehicles of varying sizes;
  • Refrigerated container loading and haulage for large capacity and regional transportation;
  • Uninterrupted and continuous daily ice production;
  • Utilization of an experienced and qualified crisis response team (including first aid responders);

    We believe in making a difference, hence the reason why we have continued to invest in the advancement of our infrastructure and human resources to remain at the cutting edge of the regional ice industry.

    At Iceland…we remain committed to being prepared!

  • Our mission is to be adequately poised to attend to recovery efforts and affected areas in order to supply communities and people with packaged ice during times of natural and other disasters.
    Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Flooding and other natural disasters have devastating effects on cities, towns and communities.

    After such disasters do their damage, recovery efforts take place to assist the local and regional communities and the people so affected by these disasters.

    During such times, packaged ice becomes a necessity for basic survival and medical care as water and electrical supplies are often either inoperable or inaccessible in a community and in some cases contaminated.