Our Process

Due to the high turbidity levels in the main supply of water to our facilities, and in order to maintain the highest standard of ice supply in the country, we operate an automated four stage filtration system inclusive of:

1. Duplex Carbon Filtration

2. Media Filtration

3. Water Softening

4. Ultra Violet Sterilization.

These processes ensure that the water used in our ice manufacturing process is tasteless, colorless and odorless.

Ice is Food

At Iceland, we take the safety, quality and presentation of our products very seriously.

In order to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of the industry, Iceland is enrolled as a member of the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA).

Our operations are frequently audited to ensure that we are compliant with the most stringent of amongst other things, health and safety standards.

Why buy Ice?

  1. Storage Merchandiser supplied, service and maintained free of charge
  2. Delivered to your doorstep 24/7/365
  3. Extremely competitive prices
  4. Unique and Innovative Packaging protected by our registered industrial design patent
  5. Our Brand Name has been trademarked for protection and enjoyment

Our Quality Assurance

It is the Iceland mantra to ensure that the cold chain is maintained at all stages of the production, storage and distribution process, so that ultimately the product is offered to our customers at the highest quality.

we do go the extra mile to make sure that this happens…

At Iceland, our state of the art fully automated and paperless warehouse management system (WMS) and route management system (RMS) has helped to ensure that our management team and customers have access to real-time information on the status of ice inventory and deliveries.

In addition, all of our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking which is monitored by our central dispatch centre and our RMS handheld devices are integrated with nationwide location services. We have invested heavily in these systems to ensure that our infrastructure supports our continued growth.

After all, we use our ice products to provide a first class service to our customers.